Non smoking, 5’11″, near-veteran House music producer originally from Derbyshire, slowly greying but still looks OK for age, is seeking the ultimate song for release.

Must be up for good times, deep beats, soulful vibes and the occasional chilled night in. Enjoys nicely syncopated rhythms, heavy melodies, outgoing quirkiness and a quality glass full of cheap Brandy and Coke – hold the ice.

Comes with a bit of history, mostly spanning 10 years of music releasing and remixing for numerous labels and artists, but don’t let that put you off. GSOH (Male, 30-something).

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  1. [...] Here is a quick photo of a piece that I did for Lostmydog records. Hand stenciled on 2mm stainless steel. It is an illustration of a Acid house duck from the depths of  my own twisted imagination. Produced as the album artwork for the LMD track: “Don’t worry” by YSE. [...]

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