Non smoking, 5’11″, near-veteran House music producer originally from Derbyshire, slowly greying but still looks OK for age, is seeking the ultimate song for release.

Must be up for good times, deep beats, soulful vibes and the occasional chilled night in. Enjoys nicely syncopated rhythms, heavy melodies, outgoing quirkiness and a quality glass full of cheap Brandy and Coke – hold the ice.

Comes with a bit of history, mostly spanning 10 years of music releasing and remixing for numerous labels and artists, but don’t let that put you off. GSOH (Male, 30-something)

Magazine Quotes

DMC Update: Yse reaffirming his position as a fast-rising exponent of house in its purest form.

iDJ: The improbability named Ant Plate is one half of Matlock’s finest Rhythm Plate.  His name, coupled with the kudos of the label, should already have every self-respecting deep house nut getting their wallet out.  Rugged drums, old skool bass, wiggle – classic stuff indeed, no wonder LMD are going potty about this.

DJ Mag: ‘Yse Saxless Mix’ is bad to the bone, dirty funk-house driven by a niggling piano that prods at the track like an irritating kid.

DJ Reactions

Phil Weeks: Just to let you know That “Bounce Back” sounds crazy. I destroyed places with it last weekend.
Fred Everything: This is amazing. Bounce back is a real dancefloor treat. Worked amazingly on saturday at my Lazy Days party. Love it, it’s off the hook. Will be on my hotlist for WMC!
Joey Youngman: whoa, both the original YSE tracks are fucking hot and i will be playing both of them a lot! Ha, that rhymes! that was the track of the conference this year in my opinion.
John Buckby (Winding Road): Just writing a quick note to say how fuckin schweet the YSE tracks are. Really, really cool – some of the best house i’ve heard in ages.
Harold Heath: The YSE mix is the best of a nice bunch of deep house mixes, for the simple reason that Ants productions don’t really sound like anyone else.
Tres Manos: Oh yeah!!! Very nice guys!! YSE mix kills is for me!!

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  1. [...] Here is a quick photo of a piece that I did for Lostmydog records. Hand stenciled on 2mm stainless steel. It is an illustration of a Acid house duck from the depths of  my own twisted imagination. Produced as the album artwork for the LMD track: “Don’t worry” by YSE. [...]

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