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Dale Howard joins Strakes as the guest for episode 44 of the Lost My Dog. Having just released his new Inner City EP on LMD (following the ‘Merrt EP’ earlier in 2012), Dale is currently one of the most sought after talents in UK deep house. His sound is largely rooted in garage-influenced house music, with huge basslines and skipping beats paving the way for vintage synth stabs. It’s a sound which has seen him hit the top of the sales charts for labels including Neurotraxx Deluxe, Off Recordings and Fear Of Flying. Dale has future releases penned for Noir and Morris Audio, as well as his own Static Audio imprint. All featured in his exclusive mix here, alongside tracks and remixes from Pete Dafeet, Pezzner, Giom, Moodtrap, Alix Alvarez, Joss Moog and more.

Strakes Track List

1. Pete Dafeet – Hit ‘Em Up (Pezzner Remix) (Lost My Dog)
2. Joss Moog – Toi & Moi (Robsoul)
3. Benedict – AAPTOBG (Alix Alvarez Remix) (Surface)
4. Dale Howard – You Can (Lost My Dog)
5. George Fitzgerald – Child (Aus)
6. Moodtrap – Out Of Time (Tsuba)
7. Pete Dafeet – Beneath The Fold (Giom Remix) (Lost My Dog)

Dale Howard Track List

8. Filthy Rich – Kripke’s Basement (Promo)
9. Dale Howard – The Hook (Noir)
10. Dale Howard – Make it Count (Promo)
11. Dale Howard – Cmon (Lost My Dog)
12. Dale Howard – Bounce Back (Morris Audio)
13. JMF – Yo Street (Static Audio)

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