lmd024Catalogue Number: LMD024
Release Date: May 2009

A1: Shadowbox
B1: Gershon Got It Poppin’
B2: Hazey

We’re not going to bother getting all clever on this one – the ‘Basement Vibes EP’ by Kelvin K is a deep house release.  Pure and simple.

No cheeky disco samples, no filtered breakdowns, no grand claims of reinventing genres.  It’s just solid, no-nonsense, heads down deep house from one of the best in the business.

Born in England, but brought up in the San Francisco Bay area, Kelvin K is now back in Brighton.  This San Francisco upbringing, alongside a move to Philadelphia where he became acquainted with Josh Wink and King Britt, goes a long way to explain some of the slick deep house grooves he creates.  Add to this the fact he worked as studio manager at the infamous Moulton Studios, home to the likes of Miguel Migs, Jay J and Chris Lum, and you know Kelvin K will deliver some of the finest deep house on around.

As a result, Kelvin comes from the school of quality not quantity; he works to develop strong bonds with labels and only releases music that he believes to be the best he can produce.  Having said that, the quality is so good that he’s had releases on some of the most respected underground labels out there including Nordic Trax, Tango, Nightshift and Multitracked, and his records tend to be the ones that stick around in boxes for a long time.

Kelvin began working with Lost My Dog earlier in 2008 when he remixed Daniel Kyo’s ‘Hypnotized’  and ‘Basement Vibes EP’ is a fitting continuation of the relationship.

Magazine Reviews

DMC Update – 5/5
This is a great UK label, filling a vital gaping hole for the many bemoaning the absence of slightly-twisted house labels like Classic and M.F.F. while joining imprints like 2020  as a bastion of pure, deep house. A good example is this EP from UK-born, San Francisco-bred, Phialdelphia house-schooled, now Brighton-based producer Kelvin, who serves up three tracks recalling the golden age of New York deep house. ‘Shadowbox’ harks back to early 90s creations on labels like Nu Groove and Strictly Rhythm with sighing strings and elegant keyboards, albeit on a slightly tougher, upbeat groove. ‘Gershon Got It Poppin” injects leaping acid, while ‘Hazey’ is melodic, resonant and quite lovely. Massively worth a dive. 

iDJ – 8/10
He’s been all over the shop this Kelvin character.  Blighty-born, brought up in San Fran, thence to Philadelphia and now residing in Brighton.  It shows in his music.  The three tracks here are full of house histor, from old skoolist Nu Groove mannerisms to deep Chicago acid and warm, gliding soulful gear.

iDJ – 7/10
“Deep house pure and simple”, says the press release, and yep, that’s the nail hit pretty firmly on the head.  All three tracks here are solid dancefloor workouts with a distinctly old-skool flavour: the Chi-town squelch of ‘Gershon Got It Poppin” is my fave but they’ll all do the do, mos def. 

DJ Reactions

Honey Dijon: Gershon Got It Poppin – loves it!
SCOPE: This is proper classy deep house. They really remind me of early Chez & Ron stuff.. And thats defo a good thing!! Proper “Basement Vibes” indeed. 
Fred Everything: nice simple deep grooves, thx
Demarkus Lewis: Kelvin K rocks it with this EP… Classic deepness with dancefloor energy .. niiice!!!
Jason Hodges: Got that old school sound thats makin a huge come back
Olivier Desmet: Love Shadowbox, proper mid 90’s kaoz 6:23 vibe, I’m all over it. Nice one Kelvin!
Peter Christianson: Kelvin delivers as always. “Gershon Got It Poppin'” is sure to find long life in my bag.
Manuel Tur: shadow box sounds really cool! 
Giom: Deepness to the maxxxxx!! Absolutely love “Gershon”, it is the one for me, pure acid pleasure.
Andy Inland Knights: gershon got it poppin is wicked
Jay West: really driving and moody, love what kelvin did here…thanx!
Ken Christensen: gershon got it poppin good shit! from one of the most underated artists in the world. big fan.
Matthew Bandy: really enjoying shadow box and hazey. will be playing for sure.
Littlemen: nice crisp, deep release. liking the acid vibe on gershan got it poppin. cheers xx
Joshua Heath: i dig got it poppin.. good chugger here, with a little of that acid to get the late night bugs flyin :-)
Luke McKeehan: all tracks super hotttt tamales! Kelvin K is the man nuff said!
Raoul Belmans: Nice tunes from Kelvin! Aciiieedd.
Joshua Iz: Nice EP – always like Kelvin’s stuff…! 
Colette: All three tracks are solid, but Gershon Got It Poppin is the standout for me.

Radio Support

MyHouse-YourHouse (Steve Arnell, Sir Cosmic)
Ibiza Global Radio (Jose Maria Ramon, Joan Ribas)
Beat 102-103 (Ray Colclough)
Club FM (Bobi)
Spin South West (Dan Sykes)
George FM (Daniel McGlashan)
Chicago House FM (Rob Clarke, Louis Hughes)
Kiss FM Russia (DJ Electric)
XFM (Geoff M)
Juice FM (Thomas Tuft)
SSRadio (Nick Power)

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