LMD004Catalogue Number: LMD004
Release Date: May 2006

A1. Roseroice – Puffyman
A2. Roseroice – Puffyman (Vernon & DaCosta’s Remix)
B1. Richie Robinson – What D’Y’all Know?
B2. Richie Robinson – What D’Y’all Know? (Strakes & Dafeet’s What We Know Dub)

Roseroice is the meeting between 2 guys with different origins: Timothée’s background is as a DJ where he is a respected regular in France and Belgium’s leading clubs, and Kapzy’s as a computer engineer.

The pair bonded over a love of electronic music and decided to begin producing. This is something they have done to great effect and their work has received wide acclaim. The first tracks appeared on San Antonio’s “Inhale Music” in March 2005 followed shortly after by a release on the Sound Navigator’s imprint “Soul Fuel Recordings”, featuring a remix from Don Tinsley of “Urban Jazz Naturals”.

Puffyman is a peak time fun packed track with rapped vocal and typically quirky French influences perfect for the summer months. Belgium’s Vernon & DaCosta (Icon, Flat & Round) turn in a jacking bass led mix with synth stabs, intricate keys and broken up vocal.

Richie Robinson a 22-year-old DJ/Producer from the Wirral, found his way to the world of music through hip-hop.

Always being the person you could lend the latest Wu Tang album off was an obvious clue to his soon to be career pursuit.

DJing for over 6 years and producing music for the past three, Richie’s life long passion for music has formed the basis for his style which he describes as a mixture of soulful, funky and deep, all of which paves the way for a great future.

What D’Y’all Know is a jazzy sax led groove with tight energetic beats, rhodes and bouncing bass. Lost My Dog chiefs Strakes & Dafeet provide a stripped down bumping dub with chopped up vocals. What D’Y’all know ‘bout havin’ a party?

Magazine Reviews

DJ Mag – Aug 2005 ***5/5 Sureplayer*** 
Blimey, this EP is so packed with funk! Richie Robinson is sick with funkititis, an extremely rare condition due to the fact that the majority of dance music fans and producers are naturally immune to the illness. I myself am terminally ill with the thing, but what a way to go! First up is Robinson’s original mix of ‘What D’Yall Know’. Dirty beats that shake, rattle and prattle, a kick drum with more punch than a Tyson right hook, gritty keyboards and a cheeky sax blast amount to something really dangerous. The ‘Strakes & Dafeet’s What Do We Know Dub’ chops up the vocal into bite-size pieces and drops them into a stripped back version. On the flip there is a serious outbreak of funkititis, so somebody phone the hospital and warn them to expect severe casualties. Roseroice’s ‘Puffyman’ is positively awesome. Ranting keyboards jazz things out of all proportion, the bass rumbles like a crowd of fat folk rushing to the reduction chiller for the half-price cream cakes and the vocal is crazy shit. A male and female hype up the tune with their broad American, almost cartoon-like accents. Another stripped back mix for ‘Puffyman’ makes this one of the most essential cuts of recent months. 5/5 (YH)

IDJ – Aug 2005 ***5/5 Recommended*** 
The Midlands house mafia are at it again and this time they’ve sought the sound stylings of Richie Robinson and Roseroice for some big time swing action. Richie’s ‘What D’Yall Know’ is a saxtastic satchel of deep rolling grooves that’ll warm any crowd, while Rose’s ‘Puffyman’ is an upbeat bumpfest with cute keys and a serious party vibe. If it means they’re gonna keep dealing tracks like this, I’m glad they’ve lost their dog! 5/5 (LN)

DJ Reactions

DJ Heather (Fabric, Black Cherry – Chicago): Really dig the Richie Robinson track “What D’Yall Know” original and dub. Very nice!
Phil Weeks (Robsoul): Dope record. Will play the original mix of Roseroice and the V&D remix. Also really like the little dub on B2, pretty creative stuff.
Tyler Stadius (Fabric, Frying Pan – Canada): Love the vocal cut up on “What D’Yall” – real funky!
Da Sunlounge (Myna Music, Doubledown, Amenti): Great release. Like the Strakes & Dafeet Mix.
Johnny Kaboom (Doubledown, Safe In Sound): Really feeling ‘What D’Yall Know’. The Strakes & Dafeet Mix is proper droaning lovelyness. Great late night heater. Puffyman is really cool too.
Jimpster (Freerange): Very quirky, especially the Vernon and DaCosta mix. Really like the lopsided vibe!
Sonny Wharton (Renaissance/Trashed): Honestly into all the tracks and mixes – both Richie Robinson & Roseroice rock for me – will be hammering ALL summer!!
Amir Javasoul (Classic, Robsoul): I’m definitely feeling Strakes & Dafeet remix of ‘What D’Y’all Know… proper deep jackin. I’m playin it.
Ross Couch (Tekstyle, Freaked): Like the original and remix of Puffyman, both solid mixes with Vernon & Dacosta’s just edging it for me thanks to the chunky production values.
Murray Richardson (Low Pressings/20:20 Vision/Nordic): Wicked stuff, love the V&D mix on ‘Puffyman’ and the Strakes & Dafeet mix of ‘D’Y’all’. Way deep and down with my vibes… brilliant!!!
Jay West (Huron, Blockhead): This has to be the best release to date man!! Hot vocals all over the place and incredible arrangements… I’ll play all 4 tracks!!
Spettro (Amenti, Tango): I like the Strakes & Dafeet remix of What D’Y’all Know the most, love the chopped up vocal… dope beats and bassline…I will be playing for sure! I am also really diggin the Puffyman original mix.
Slum Science (Hudd Trax, Icon, Greenhouse): Feelin’ the Strakes & Dafeet mix the most.
Gordon Kaye: Richie Robinson getting the best reactions, 8/10.
Anil Chawla: Love the chords bassline and choppy vocal on Strakes & Dafeet mix, really smooth. Will definitely be playing out and on my radio show.
Plastic Surgery Records: Love this cool house fusion!!! Fave mix Roseroice Puffyman, 7/10.
Catapult Records: Good groovy house, cool cuts # 13.

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